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Hola! We are Deer Tulum

Deer Tulum is a lifestyle brand that offers a curated selection of contemporary design furniture and home products. Our designer and product curation combine the use of artisanal materials and processes with modern designs that tell stories.

Its curatorship seeks to promote and elevate the design that celebrates and honors craft processes, creating unique pieces, with soul, passion, and history. Its decoration products offer comes mainly from Mexican brands and its own line, while a smaller percentage comes from international brands and designers that share the values ​​of Deer Tulum.

The curatorship of our collection is a reflection of travels around the world of its founder, Vivian Baron, and of her passion to turn an artisanal design into functional products that produce emotions.

Our physical space is a destination and a space of experiences where our community comes alive, a space to inspire and be inspired.

We're creating an awesome online experience for you, in the meantime stay tuned by following us on Instagram and on Facebook and don't forget to sign-up to our newsletter!



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